Woman On Top – Introduction

Woman on top

There have been times when I have found myself in a situation with the wrong man. And during my interaction with men who turned out not to be good for me, I shared conversations with them about dating, love, sex, relationships and more, that affected me, mentally and emotionally. Nonetheless, I found strength in being able to communicate whatever feelings I was experiencing on the different topics in which we conversed about.

However, more times than not, my ability to express myself to them caused a lot of conflict. (although, I feel that speaking my mind kept me out of much more trouble with them). They would end up not talking to me, for days at a time, would display passive-aggressive behavior toward me, would use my words against me, in future disagreements, or would disappear, altogether.

Their behavior often left me confused because it was okay for them to speak their minds to me, but it was a problem for me to reciprocate my feelings.

I am aware that I am opinionated, strong-willed and outspoken. (which I don’t view as negative aspects of my personality, although, I have been told that they are).

Also, I know that I am someone who is the first to set the example of respect and kindness toward my partner, as well. (until I’m given reasons, not to do so, anymore).

Not only that, but I strive to maintain a high level of emotional intelligence with a man whom I choose to associate myself with. It is important to know that just because you are able to speak your mind, doesn’t mean you always should. You might say something that could ruin your relationship with a person for all time.

However, so many of the men whom I have dealt with, at one time or another, didn’t think before they spoke. Or they just didn’t care enough about how their words would affect my feelings, learned the hard way.

Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I am kind, generous and a loving person. But at the same time, I am not a pushover. I am someone who is very much so, “Allergic to bullshit.”

With that said, in a 13 part series,  you will read excerpts from conversations that I have engaged in with men, over the years, which captured how I developed an “allergic reaction” from these discussions, that I quickly found a “cure” for.

To be continued…

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