Single Woman Empowerment Poem: Men on Pause

Photo Credit: Dennis Skley

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Women Empowerment Poem: Impress Me

Dionysius Burton2- Impress me

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The Problem With Beauty

The Problem With Beauty

It’s unfortunate that so many women nowadays are jumping through hoops in order to get or keep a man by “beautifying” their outer appearance with things like, wearing heavy make-up, having fake hair and wearing color contact lenses. Not to mention, getting botox and butt injections.

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Great Ways I Have Learned To Maintain A Positive Attitude

Great ways I have learned to maintain a positive attitude

Whenever I face challenges that threaten to bring me down, I find solace in practicing Buddhism, reading quotes, listening to motivational speeches, and by surrounding myself with family and friends.

I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for six years. This Buddhism is based on the original teachings of the Buddha, which include: prayer and chanting.  By engaging in such activities on a regular basis, I feel a greater sense of clarity and happiness in my life, which helps to keep my mind in a good place.

Also, I like to read inspirational quotes in order to stay positive. I peruse my social media feeds looking for them. Reading such words make me feel as if I can get through any obstacle that might come my way.

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A Poem On Celebrating Good Men: You Are Appreciated

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When Having An Argument With A Significant Other Turns Into Violence

When having an argument with a significant other turns into violence

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told me that she and her boyfriend got into a big argument over religion.

She went on to convey that she became so offended by her boyfriend mocking her religion, she ended up punching him in the face, and then she broke up with him.

I was stunned as I listened in horror to her story.

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Woman Empowerment Poem On Success: Stay On Your Grind

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Sexual Love Quote On Intimacy

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Sad Relationship Poem: The Problem With Being Too Independent

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Woman Empowerment Poem: Being Single Is Underrated

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