A Poem On Celebrating Good Men: You Are Appreciated

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Could You Be Addicted To Your Mate?

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Is Mr. Right Out There For You?

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Don’t Be A Fool In Your Relationship

Family couple relationships crisis difficulties

There is a thin line between being patient and being a fool in your relationship.

Too often, we find ourselves afraid to really articulate what it is that we desire out of a relationship because we are too concerned with not wanting to scare that special someone off. So we seclude our feelings, and hope that our partner will figure out, on his or her own, what it is that we require.

However, when a good amount of time has elapsed, we typically become upset with our partner for not being able to read our minds, when our needs have not been met. And rather than look at our role in the situation, we end up blaming our partner for our own unhappiness.

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We Have Nothing – Woman On Top (Part 13)


We have nothing

(text conversation with an ex-boyfriend whom I had dated for several years, but I eventually broke up with him because our relationship never progressed to marriage).

He said: “…I know you still love me…” 

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The Act Of Trying – Woman On Top (Part 12)


Upset couple sitting on bed separately

(face-to-face conversation with an on-again/off-again boyfriend, at the time).

I said: “…This relationship isn’t working. You don’t treat me well…”

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Jerk – Woman On Top (Part 11)



(first and only date)

He said: “You barely drink. You don’t eat red. You don’t smoke. Tell me something else about yourself, so I won’t think you’re completely boring…”

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Fortune Teller – Woman On Top (part 10)


Fortune Teller

(conversation with a boyfriend at the time, over dinner).

He said: “…I don’t want to be with you anymore. Someone else has caught my attention…”

(void of emotion, I remained silent, for quite some time, after he was done speaking. Eventually, he asked, are you okay?)

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Standards – Woman On Top (part 9)



(first and only date)

He said: “…I’m sure that you’re still single ‘cause you set your standards too high.”

(that statement was said to me in the first few minutes of our date, without this guy having an in-depth conversation with me, before passing judgment).

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Heart Breaker – Woman On Top (part 8)


Surprise flowers

(conversation with an ex-boyfriend who decided to give me a surprise visit, after he had broken my heart, one year earlier).

He said: “…It’s been a while since I’ve last seen your face. How have you been?”

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