Inspirational Quote: How To Find True Happiness

Inspirational Quote-How To Find True Happiness

Happiness is found in the decisions that you make for yourself. And not in the decisions, you allow others to make for you.

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Motivational Saturday: Happiness Quote On Relationships

Motivational Saturday-Happiness Quote on Relationships Elade ManuTrue happiness is to be brave enough at being alone, instead of settling for a mediocre relationship.

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Motivational Life Quote On Happiness

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You must learn to let people go who do not deserve being held on to.

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Inspirational Life Quote On Self-Love

Inspirational life quote on self

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When you learn to embrace your flaws, is how you learn to love yourself, perfectly.

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Really Sweet Love Poem: Photograph

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The Truth About Relationships

The Truth About Relationships

When I was younger I used to believe that if I found the right man who could mend my broken pieces, then I would be made whole again.

I would no longer feel the rejection from ex-boyfriends who I had loved dearly, but helping to make the relationship work when we faced hard times, they chose to take the easy way out by leaving instead.

Their actions made it obvious that being completely present in the relationship, the way I had been, was just not something of value to them.

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Self-Love Is The Foundation Of Happiness

Self love is the foundation of happiness

I have struggled a long time with letting go of what makes me unhappy, particularly, in my romantic life.

In the past, I have subjected myself to a lot of bad relationships. Simply because I felt the person whom I was with at the time, had potential to be a better mate, for one reason or another.

News flash: Potential is overrated!

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Great Ways I Have Learned To Maintain A Positive Attitude

Great ways I have learned to maintain a positive attitude

Whenever I face challenges that threaten to bring me down, I find solace in practicing Buddhism, reading quotes, listening to motivational speeches, and by surrounding myself with family and friends.

I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for six years. This Buddhism is based on the original teachings of the Buddha, which include: prayer and chanting.  By engaging in such activities on a regular basis, I feel a greater sense of clarity and happiness in my life, which helps to keep my mind in a good place.

Also, I like to read inspirational quotes in order to stay positive. I peruse my social media feeds looking for them. Reading such words make me feel as if I can get through any obstacle that might come my way.

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Work Inspiration On Your Dream Job

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Motivational Friday: The Choice Is Yours

A beautiful African American woman smiles and laughs. isolated o


Be comfortable but miserable.

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