Great Things Can Come Out Of Bad Situations

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It has been a while since I last posted. During my hiatus, I have faced and overcome many challenges from changing jobs, finding a new place to live, and getting rid of toxic friends and relationships that were not benefiting my life.

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Do You Know The Art Of Forgiving?

Do you know the art of forgiving

I used to have a hard time forgiving others who betrayed me because I felt that forgiving them was a sign of weakness on my part.

And I believed that if I forgave someone, then it was an opportunity to be hurt again, at some point, by him or her. So to protect myself, I would sever all ties with my wrong-doers.

But the problem in doing so is that, I would find myself obsessing over what had been done to me by them. Oftentimes, replaying such events in my mind would lead to me feeling resentment toward those individuals. I was miserable.

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The Best And Worst Part Of Me

The Best and Worst Part of Me

I am an over thinker.

This particular quality that I have is the result of being a long-time writer. It is a requirement of the profession to always find ways to introduce fresh and creative ideas to one’s writing. This way, a writer can engage his or her readers more effectively. So thinking a lot, in this aspect is a good thing.

Moreover, as a former student of higher education, this type of lifestyle also required me to spend copious amounts of time analyzing various class assignments. As a result, I was able to better understand the material I was given by my professors, which afforded me, a successful academic career.

However, being an over thinker can cause more harm than good to yourself if you don’t find balance in your thoughts.

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One Of The Most Important Investments You Can Make

One of the most important investments you can make

A substantial amount of my energy used to be spent on nurturing relationships with others. I would consistently call my friends, send them text messages and plan meet-ups with them. As well as, tend to the needs of a boyfriend, and make sure that my family was taken care of financially.

More times than not, I felt unfulfilled in my life because I had consistently given so much to others, but I wasn’t always treated well by those who I did the most for.

Eventually, I came to the realization that to make any type of relationship work well, it must be reciprocal. There has to be give-and-take from all parties involved, in order for the relationship to be healthy.

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Work Inspiration: Entrepreneurship Is A Way To Financial Freedom

Work Inspiration- Entrepreneurship is a way to financial freedom

It is rare nowadays to keep one job and retire from it because we live in a world of economic uncertainty.

You can have employment with a company for years, and then one day, you end up getting laid off, or the company goes out of business, and you are left with nothing to fall back on.

Too often, a lot of us become complacent with our career. We are comfortable with our salary, benefits and the perks of the job. And those things are sufficient for us.

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Motivational Monday: No Matter What, Keep Moving Forward

Motivational Monday - No matter what, keep moving forward

When we focus on things that cannot be changed, we keep ourselves held hostage to our past mistakes, disappointments and failures. And when we do this, we cannot prosper.

We face adversity as a way to learn how to grow from our tribulations.

That said, no matter what you have gone through, you must teach yourself to not dwell on unfortunate situations that happened in your past.

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Relationship Advice: Love Is More Than Just Words

Love advice-Show me how you feel

It doesn’t matter how many times someone proclaims his or her affection for another by uttering the words “I love you.” It is not real love if the person’s actions are not aligned with their message.

Too often, a lot of people fall for someone’s words, but are blind to the fact that a person’s actions give their words its meaning.

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Communication Advice: Sometimes It Is Best To Just, Shut Up

Communication Advice - Sometimes It Is Best To Just Shut Up

I am someone who has no problem with speaking my mind.  And although I have often told one person or another, my exact thoughts, my words have not always been received well.

In the past, I have been extremely blunt and harsh when it came to communicating with certain people. Not out of being a “mean girl,” but because I am just an extremely passionate person.

I only want good things for those who I care the most about. And if I feel that they are on a path, not in their best interest, for example, then I will let them know about it.

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Motivational Monday: Work Hard For The Life That You Want

Motivational Monday Work Hard For The Life That You Want

There are a lot of people who are capable of achieving the goals that they set for themselves. However, many of them never make it to the point of seeing their dreams turn into reality. Because they lack the passion and drive that it takes to truly be successful.

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Smart Relationship Advice: Don’t Listen To People Who Are Not In Healthy Situations Of Their Own

Smart Relationship Advice - Don’t listen to people who are not in healthy situations of their own

I have no problem with listening to one’s wisdom if I feel I can benefit from his or her experiences. However, it is difficult for me to take advice from those who do not take their own advice.

I have had conversations with people who told me to do one thing or another, while I was in a relationship with someone. And if I failed to take their advice, they would criticize my decisions.

These individuals were dealing with situations in their own relationships that were worse than mine! But they had no problem with letting me know that they were going to work through their issues with their partners. What a joke!

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