Romantic Sad Poem: Chocolate Loveliness


I remember

Your skin, dark like the color of chocolate

And how I wanted to taste the sweetness of it

But dared not, ‘cause I knew without knowing

I wouldn’t be able to get enough of such richness


I remember

The endless nights of courtship

The chemistry between us was so strong

It felt dangerous to my heart

Afraid of falling in love


I remember

Your car approaching my house

So we could ride to places,

Which were foreign to our eyes

But the pleasure of discovery

Was familiar to our souls


And although, we have not gone

Our separate ways

There is now an infinite

Space of distance, between us


For the demands of life

Are back on play

Which have put on pause

New experiences

For us to explore together


So deep inside, we both know

Things between us will never again

Be the same


When we are like time-

Always, changing



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She is the author of Mental Orgasms, and the founder/CEO of the communications company, Words From A New York Writer, LLC. She writes poetry, short stories, articles and inspirational quotes. Moreover, Nyki Edwinna is the owner of an online store that caters to poets, writers and artists.

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