A Poem Of Reflection

Photo Credit: Hans Vink

Self is a piece of art that has not been mastered, yet.

Memories are the thoughts which my mind makes love to.

Forgiveness is a stranger who I once knew.

Relationships are places I only visit.

Truth is only told when a lover’s words are unspoken.

Love is the seed planted, but the flower that does not bloom.

Intimacy is like perfume that after a while …vanishes.

And pleasure is only found, when I walk down the street of my imagination.



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About Nyki Edwinna

She is the author of Mental Orgasms, and the founder/CEO of the communications company, Words From A New York Writer, LLC. She writes poetry, short stories, articles and inspirational quotes. Moreover, Nyki Edwinna is the owner of an online store that caters to poets, writers and artists.

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