Why Women Shouldn’t Focus Too Much On The Perfect Engagement Ring

Why women shouldn't focus too much on the perfect engagement ring

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The other day, I spoke to one of my male friends about why he hasn’t gotten married yet, when he has been with his girlfriend for quite some time. He shared with me the main reason for this. I found the conversation to be illuminating.                           

I learned that my friend never proposed to his woman because he doesn’t want to invest too much money in the material value of a very expensive engagement ring. But all his woman can seem to focus on, is her idea of the “perfect” engagement ring. It has to have a certain amount of carats, be the right cut, color and clarity, in order for her to be happy with it.

My friend went on to convey that he would rather purchase his girlfriend a modest engagement ring because he is more concerned with being a good provider in the marriage.

Too often, a lot of women place so much emphasis on the kind of engagement ring that she wants; she fails to realize the end result of being engaged is to be married, and not to just wear an impressive engagement ring on her marriage finger.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a woman doesn’t deserve a beautiful engagement ring that places a big smile on her face, every time she gazes at it. All I am saying is, maybe one of the most expensive rings that she picks out in the diamond store, may not be beneficial to her marriage in the long run. When a larger portion of the money can be invested in the future she builds with your husband.

There was a time when I felt, if I didn’t have a certain type of engagement ring, then I would just wait until my special someone would be able to afford it. Even if it meant, it might take him many years to be able to afford the ring of my choice.

Over time, I’ve learned that an engagement ring does not make a woman a wife. A woman is made a wife, once a wedding band is officially placed on her marriage finger.

And isn’t it interesting that something as simple as a wedding band, is what makes a woman a wife? And not by her wearing the most impressive engagement ring of them all…

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