What You Shouldn’t Do To Get A Man

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A few years ago, I was coming from Manhattan, after attending a concert.

I made my way out of the subway station in Queens, and proceeded to the bus stop.

While waiting for my bus to arrive, an attractive man driving a BMW glanced my way. I smiled.

Driving closely behind the guy was someone in a SUV with dark, tinted windows.

After the guy had stopped at the red light, not too far away, from where I was waiting for the bus, he decided to make a U-turn.

The person driving the SUV made a U-turn as well, but parked across the street from where I was standing.

The guy ended up driving his car over to the side of the bus stop, where I was. As the man and I began conversing, the window on the driver’s side of the SUV came down, and a woman started yelling, “You don’t want her!”

Shortly after, more windows in the SUV came down, and other women, joined the driver in yelling, “You don’t want her!” The women made that statement over and over again, in such a harsh tone. I was completely thrown off by the “hate” from these women. The guy shook his head, and focused his attention back on me.

After not getting a reaction out of him nor me, the woman drove away with an angry look on her face.

The man and I didn’t even bother to address what had just happened. We continued our conversation, and before my bus came, he gave me his number.

As I rode the bus home, I couldn’t help but think about how immaturely those women behaved.

Instead of dealing with the situation in a civilized manner, by keeping it moving, once it was obvious that the guy was interested in someone else, the driver, with help from her “supporting cast,” just had to act out the scene of a drama queen in pursuit of eye candy.

And, what did that really accomplish? Other than making a complete fool of themselves!

Women, please understand that no man is worth chasing. If he desires you, and wants to get to know you better, he will take the necessary actions to do so.




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