Unhealthy Relationships: One Man’s Battle With Drama Addiction

Young African Couple Quarrelling

My friend of several years always seems to attach himself to relationships that are nothing but drama.

He is currently dating a woman who I will refer to as, “Trouble Maker.” She has a habit of pushing his buttons. She likes to see how far she can push his limits.

One day, my friend was driving Trouble Maker to the mall, where she decided that she wanted to distract him while he was driving to see what the outcome would be. So, Trouble Maker felt the need to give my friend a “wet willy” by spitting on one of her fingers, and then sticking that finger in his ear, while twisting it around. She performed this juvenile behavior, repeatedly, even after he told her to stop, and he kept moving her finger away from his ear while driving.

Luckily, a car accident didn’t follow from her behavior, where the two of them could have ended up seriously injured, along with her eight year old daughter who was in the backseat!

In the past, my friend has dated a woman; I will refer to as, “Thief and Liar.” She stole money from him, along with his credit cards and maxed them out. Not only that, but on several occasions, she would have “passion marks” on her neck when they were together. And when he would ask her about the hickeys on her neck, she would lie and say that she scratched herself, or the marks were just a rash.

And if you think the previous relationships I have just told you about were pretty bad, the one I am about to tell you tops them all!

I call this one, “Attack of the Lesbian Ex-Lover.” (told you so!).

My friend once dated a bi-sexual woman. What made the situation so interesting is that he ended up living with the bi-sexual woman along with the woman’s ex lesbian lover! (yeah, I know… crazy!). Eventually, things turned ugly after, the Lesbian Ex-Lover became too jealous about a man being with her ex-girlfriend. So my friend and Lesbian Ex-Lover got into a big argument that led to my friend being stabbed with a knife in his left lung! Luckily, he survived. But he only has one lung now.

I have asked my friend, why do you keep placing yourself in unhealthy situations? “I just don’t like the idea of being alone,” he said.

I hope my friend will realize before it’s too late (and everyone else who is experiencing similar situations), that no one should place their life in danger nor remain with a partner who doesn’t truly value you, just for the sake of not being alone. When being alone is not a tragedy, it is a form of being wise.


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