The Truth About Relationships

The Truth About Relationships

When I was younger I used to believe that if I found the right man who could mend my broken pieces, then I would be made whole again.

I would no longer feel the rejection from ex-boyfriends who I had loved dearly, but helping to make the relationship work when we faced hard times, they chose to take the easy way out by leaving instead.

Their actions made it obvious that being completely present in the relationship, the way I had been, was just not something of value to them.

So as I matured in wisdom, I learned that when you have worked on yourself before entering a new relationship, you end up choosing a person who does not complete you, because the love and respect that you have for yourself is what makes you complete already.

As a result, you choose a mate who complements your values. In doing so, you experience less heartache because you and your partner are already on the same page.

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