The Problem With Beauty

The Problem With Beauty

It’s unfortunate that so many women nowadays are jumping through hoops in order to get or keep a man by “beautifying” their outer appearance with things like, wearing heavy make-up, having fake hair and wearing color contact lenses. Not to mention, getting botox and butt injections.

But many women fail to realize, what they should be making over, is their inner appearance because outer beauty fades in time.

So to truly attract and keep a man, in my opinion, and what I have been told by a lot of my male friends, is that a woman needs to bring more to the relationship than just the physical. She needs to know how to hold an intelligent conversation, exude confidence, and be goal oriented, for instance.

Therefore I feel that if women must jump through hoops, the reason ought to be-it’s a form of exercise. And if women must wear heavy make-up, have fake hair, change the color of their eyes, and so much more, then the reason ought to be-it’s Halloween!


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