The Color Of Love

We should learn to develop a mentality like MLK Jr., by not judging a person by their skin color, but by the content of that person’s character.

Because in the end, it doesn’t matter if a person is African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian, that will be the determining factor, if you will find love with him or her.

Simply put, the quality of a person’s character should take precedence over “ethnic make-up,” when looking for love because the quality of a person’s character foretells the future of your relationship with him or her.

Holding onto visions of wanting to only be with a certain race limits the possibilities of finding happiness, compatibility, love and commitment with someone who might not be your color of identical skin.

Don’t misunderstand me, by no means, am I alluding that if you date outside of your race, all of your dreams will be realized. But what I am conveying is that, if finding love is your goal, heavily basing your dating decisions on a person’s race may lead you on a path where you might not ever meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Are you willing to take that chance?



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