Smart Relationship Advice: Don’t Listen To People Who Are Not In Healthy Situations Of Their Own

Smart Relationship Advice - Don’t listen to people who are not in healthy situations of their own

I have no problem with listening to one’s wisdom if I feel I can benefit from his or her experiences. However, it is difficult for me to take advice from those who do not take their own advice.

I have had conversations with people who told me to do one thing or another, while I was in a relationship with someone. And if I failed to take their advice, they would criticize my decisions.

These individuals were dealing with situations in their own relationships that were worse than mine! But they had no problem with letting me know that they were going to work through their issues with their partners. What a joke!

So this is why I feel that the best advice a person can take is not to take advice from people who are not in healthy relationships of their own.

How do you handle criticism from others about your relationship?

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