Self-Love Is The Foundation Of Happiness

Self love is the foundation of happiness

I have struggled a long time with letting go of what makes me unhappy, particularly, in my romantic life.

In the past, I have subjected myself to a lot of bad relationships. Simply because I felt the person whom I was with at the time, had potential to be a better mate, for one reason or another.

News flash: Potential is overrated!

The men whom I had dated never changed, if anything, their bad behavior toward me became worse over time.

But through a lot of tears and heartache I finally let those toxic relationships go. Because I realized that it is okay to love someone deeply, but I should never love another person more than I love myself, first.


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  1. This is such an important concept and especially for women. I think women look at people’s potential and we have a vision for how a person can be. It’s important to look at the person and truly see them for who they are right now. Put yourself first. Always. Thanks for the reminder!

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