Black Men Who Suffer From The “B.M.B. Syndrome”

BMB Syndrome

I have dated black men, where my overall experience of dating them has not been positive.

The reason for this has been because the black men whom I have dated seemed to be suffering from a syndrome, I like to refer to as, “B.M.B.” or “Black Man Bullshit.”

How do you diagnose the B.M.B.” syndrome? You might ask… well, a few of the signs are as follows:

If you are in a relationship with a black man, and he tells you that he is willing to give you the world, as long as, you play by his rules. *side eye* Then that is a man suffering from the syndrome. This particular symptom I refer to as, “The Big Daddy of All Things.”

Another sign of this syndrome, I like to call, “Mr. Love Her Man.” If you are dating a black man, and he believes that he should never have to initiate sex with you because it is your job to just give it to him on a regular basis. *blank stare* Then, this is a man who is also suffering from B.M.B.

Then there is, “The Wedding Planner” symptom. This is the black man whom you have dated for a number of years, and he tells you on many different occasions, after he senses that you are fed up, and about to leave him, that he is going to “put a ring on it,” when his financial situation improves, so just be patient. But he turns around and purchases new clothes, jewelry or a new car for himself. *scratches head*

And then, there is the “Man Gone Wild” symptom that further diagnoses the B.M.B. syndrome. This is the black man whom you have dated for a while, but he can’t seem to get himself together. So you end up cutting him off. And in return, he leaves deranged messages on your phone, starts doing random drive-bys to your house, or hides in your bushes, so he can play spy detective. (Dude, are you serious?)

I could go on and on about diagnosing this syndrome. But all the ladies who have experienced similar experiences with black men know exactly what I’m talking about.

And by no means, am I implying that men of other races do not suffer from the B.M.B. syndrome as well. But I haven’t dated every single race in the world to include them as well.

However, I have dated white men, and have found that dating them is on a whole other level.

In my experience of dating white men, I never had to demand respect. It was just what they did. Respect me! They held doors open for me, never called me bad names, (at least, not to my face). They wined and dined me, upgraded my lifestyle, massaged my feet, cooked for me, etc. All in all, white men just gave a damn, and wasn’t afraid to show that they cared. Treating a woman well, just seemed to come naturally for them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have had failed relationships with white men as well. However, my relationship with them didn’t end because they suffered from the B.M.B. syndrome. The relationship would fall apart because we just didn’t have enough in common, were at different stages in our lives, etc.

And although my overall dating experiences have been better with white men than they have been with black men, in the end, I don’t care about the race of my chosen partner.

But if color must be a factor in my relationship, then I want to be with a man who can show me just how bright, the color of his love can shine for me.

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