A Contract For Romance

A Contract For Romance

I talked to one of my longtime male friends on the phone the other night. We had not spoken for quite some time. So we spent a few hours catching up on details about each others lives.

At some point, during the conversation, the subject of sex came up. I learned that my friend had not been able to get laid for nearly a year! My jaw dropped. My friend is tall, degreed and good-looking. These are some qualities that would inspire most single women to give him a chance.

And although, many of the women gave him a chance, what was more interesting about my friend’s situation, is the reason why he wasn’t “winning” in the romance area.

He said that all the women he had met refused to be intimate, without him first, having to “sign a contract.”

In other words, those women wanted him to make a commitment.

My friend’s response to that was an astounding, hell no!

He felt the women were crazy. He just didn’t fathom their logic. He felt he shouldn’t be forced to invest in a relationship upfront without sex sooner than later.

He went on to convey that the quality of the sex matters just as much as the relationship itself, if not more.

In my opinion, I feel that, although, sex is an important part of a relationship, it just doesn’t hold the same weight that a committed relationship does.

Sex has to constantly be recreated in order to find meaning and pleasure in it.

But the pleasure that is found in a committed relationship only has to be created once, in order for it to have meaning.

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