The Best And Worst Part Of Me

The Best and Worst Part of Me

I am an over thinker.

This particular quality that I have is the result of being a long-time writer. It is a requirement of the profession to always find ways to introduce fresh and creative ideas to one’s writing. This way, a writer can engage his or her readers more effectively. So thinking a lot, in this aspect is a good thing.

Moreover, as a former student of higher education, this type of lifestyle also required me to spend copious amounts of time analyzing various class assignments. As a result, I was able to better understand the material I was given by my professors, which afforded me, a successful academic career.

However, being an over thinker can cause more harm than good to yourself if you don’t find balance in your thoughts.

There have been many occasions where I have been presented with some type of challenge and I would spend so much time focusing on the problem, that in the end, the problem would become bigger than it originally was because my mind would over analyze the situation, and end up creating all types of negative outcomes as a result. This would lead to me experiencing anxiety, doubt and fear.

But as I would “go through the motions,” I always found a way to find my center, before I allowed adversity to defeat my spirit, completely. This was done by “turning my poison into medicine.” In other words, I found the positive in every difficult situation that threatened the stability of my faith.

And although, by doing so, my problems didn’t magically disappear, having the right mind-set, especially, during hardships, did allow me to make sound decisions for my overall well-being.

That said, it is absolutely necessary for us to think on levels that will bring out the best in us, but we must not exert our minds to the point that it hinders our progress.


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