One Of The Hardest Things To Do


One of the hardest things to do

Learning to forgive others who had hurt me for one reason or another used to be the hardest thing for me to do.  If someone did something that made me feel a certain way, I would cut off all lines of communication with the person, and hold a grudge against him or her for years.

When I embraced religion, it softened my heart and together with life experiences it aged my intellect.  I learned by holding grudges against others give them power over me.  So in order to take that power back, forgiveness is the road that should be most traveled, especially in realizing, we all are ‘imperfect angels’ who deserve a second chance and forgiveness.

Wouldn’t you want to be forgiven for the wrong that you’ve committed?

In the end, just like my good friend Joey, once told me, “You can’t help who people are, but you can help who you are.”

That said, strive to always be someone of great character because a person of great character has the power to forgive.

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  1. This is beautiful! Forgiveness is a daily challenge. Forgiving others as well as forgiving yourself. Thank you for the shout out as well as the reminder. I will continue to follow you, and wear words as if they were clothing.

    ~ Joey

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