Grow Up And Be An Adult

“I envy your ability to do what you want, and not have people constantly on your ass,” a man-child, who is in his late twenties, once said to me.

In response I told him, “I give no one that much power over my life. It’s unfortunate that you do. When the course of your life is based on the opinions of your family and friends, so as long as that’s the case, you will always be considered a child who is caught in a man’s body.”

To learn to live one’s life on his or her own terms is to learn how to be bold and courageous. Only then will he or she understand what it means to truly be an adult.  Because adults only seek the opinions of their family and friends, but find wisdom and happiness by consulting themselves.


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  1. Absolutely! No need for outside validation, just knowing within one’s self what must be done. People give away their power too easily.

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