Great Ways I Have Learned To Maintain A Positive Attitude

Great ways I have learned to maintain a positive attitude

Whenever I face challenges that threaten to bring me down, I find solace in practicing Buddhism, reading quotes, listening to motivational speeches, and by surrounding myself with family and friends.

I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for six years. This Buddhism is based on the original teachings of the Buddha, which include: prayer and chanting.  By engaging in such activities on a regular basis, I feel a greater sense of clarity and happiness in my life, which helps to keep my mind in a good place.

Also, I like to read inspirational quotes in order to stay positive. I peruse my social media feeds looking for them. Reading such words make me feel as if I can get through any obstacle that might come my way.

Motivational speeches keep my spirit lifted as well. I often watch the Oprah Winfrey Network. In particular, I like watching the shows, Super Soul Sunday and Life Class. Listening to various thought leaders who Oprah interviews on those shows, motivates me to accomplish whatever goals I have set for myself.

My mother is another great source of positive energy for me. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I can go to her, and she always finds something uplifting to say, during my time of need. Her encouragement enables me to move forward, regardless of my circumstances. It is through her support, that I am able to overcome my challenges, and gain a positive outlook on life.

Moreover, my circle of friends is the reason why I am able to maintain a good attitude. My friends are living out their dreams or pursuing them with vigor and hope. In doing so, I find them to be excellent role models who I can look up to, and know that if they can be courageous in the pursuit of their dreams or live them out, then so can I.

How do you maintain a positive attitude?

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  1. I try to maintain a positive attitude by realizing that every ending is a beginning. I have the power to change any circumstance in my life. This is freeing. I also love positive quotes, reading books, and seeing examples of women doing amazing things. Thank you for being one of them.

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