Do You Know The Art Of Forgiving?

Do you know the art of forgiving

I used to have a hard time forgiving others who betrayed me because I felt that forgiving them was a sign of weakness on my part.

And I believed that if I forgave someone, then it was an opportunity to be hurt again, at some point, by him or her. So to protect myself, I would sever all ties with my wrong-doers.

But the problem in doing so is that, I would find myself obsessing over what had been done to me by them. Oftentimes, replaying such events in my mind would lead to me feeling resentment toward those individuals. I was miserable.

So after a while, I decided to reach out to those who had caused me pain, and I forgave them.  I didn’t commit this act as a way to rekindle whatever type of relationship I once had with them, but I did it as a way to free myself from all of the anger and hurt I was carrying around as a result of their actions.

I discovered that forgiveness is an extremely effective way to become happier. Because having the courage to forgive someone is not something you do for others, it is an act of self-love for you to benefit from.


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