New York Style Feature: Aya From Manhattan

Today’s stylish New Yorker is Aya who is a musical producer/composer.

Photo Credit: Stephen E. Sherman

She says, “My style in fashion is simple. I wear whatever compliments me.

As much as I love wearing black, playing with colors are just as important to me or even more.

Not so much about matching the colors, but its about playing the chemistry between the colors.

Colors you mix give out certain vibes and mode.”


Photo Credit: Stephen E. Sherman

“Sometimes I dress like a barbie ’cause I enjoy being a girlie-girl.

But most of the times I wear chic, simple and “classy” people say.

I don’t really follow the trend.”


Photo Credit: Stephen E. Sherman

“In my opinion, great style is to wear what suits you physically,

but also shows your individuality where you can express yourself artistically.

I always look at the color coordination.”


Photo Credit: Stephen E. Sherman

You can follow Aya on Instagram. 


Her outfits are perfect choices for her great-looking legs.

What are your thoughts?



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