Let’s Talk About Women – Woman On Top (part 3)


Group of female university students on steps

(phone conversation with a potential suitor, until I discovered he was a womanizer).

He said: “…Women are a journey…”

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Not Meant To Be – Woman On Top (part 2)


Budding Romance

(phone conversation with a guy whom I was getting to know better, but ultimately, we didn’t have a relationship because our values were not in sync).


He said: “…I don’t need you to love me. But I do need you to care for me…”

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Physical Attraction – Woman On Top (part 1)

Black Urban girl in sexy outfit by graffiti wall

(face-to-face conversation with a guy whom I was dating at the time, that set in motion the ruination of our relationship).


 He said: “…You would be more attractive if you were shorter and more curvaceous…”

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Woman On Top – Introduction

Woman on top

There have been times when I have found myself in a situation with the wrong man. And during my interaction with men who turned out not to be good for me, I shared conversations with them about dating, love, sex, relationships and more, that affected me, mentally and emotionally. Nonetheless, I found strength in being able to communicate whatever feelings I was experiencing on the different topics in which we conversed about.

However, more times than not, my ability to express myself to them caused a lot of conflict. (although, I feel that speaking my mind kept me out of much more trouble with them). They would end up not talking to me, for days at a time, would display passive-aggressive behavior toward me, would use my words against me, in future disagreements, or would disappear, altogether.

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