Erotic Poem: Addiction

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Sexual Desire: All Work, No Play

Photo Credit: Willi Heidelbach

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The Truth About Intimacy

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How To Be A Better Lover

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An Appetite For Sex

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Unquiet Skin



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Make Love To Me

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Greatest Form Of Sex

Couples In Kitchen With Newspaper And Coffee Smiling

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Sex Affair

Sex over love

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The Pleasure In Pain

The pleasure in pain

Every time they think they are done for good, after one of their arguments has peeled away another layer of their vulnerability.

They somehow, always seem to find their way back to each other, regardless of harsh words, lost in the moment of reckless conversation.

Could it be his passion for her and her passion for him is the master who keeps them enslaved to one another?

A passion, so strong, that it won’t free them from the endless ways of pleasure, her naked flesh upon him. And his naked flesh upon her, together, writes the pages to an erotic novel. Where each chapter takes form, as their skin composes fantasies, each moment they touch.

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