Shit Happens: Are You Going To Forgive or Remain Bitter?

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How Women Should Choose A Man

How Women Should Choose A Man

A man who is handsome, has a large bank account, drives a fancy car, wears designer clothes, and who has obtained a degree from an Ivy League school, is just a man who has a list of distractions.

Because all of the things that he has acquired does not represent his substance.

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Get Rid Of Toxic Relationships

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Don’t Be A Fool In Your Relationship

Family couple relationships crisis difficulties

There is a thin line between being patient and being a fool in your relationship.

Too often, we find ourselves afraid to really articulate what it is that we desire out of a relationship because we are too concerned with not wanting to scare that special someone off. So we seclude our feelings, and hope that our partner will figure out, on his or her own, what it is that we require.

However, when a good amount of time has elapsed, we typically become upset with our partner for not being able to read our minds, when our needs have not been met. And rather than look at our role in the situation, we end up blaming our partner for our own unhappiness.

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A Lesson In Pain

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Love Unlimited

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Don’t Feel Guilty For Being Happy

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Starting Over

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Don’t Give Your Love Away So Easily

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Don’t Start Over

Don't Start Over

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