When Choosing Your Battles Is Not The Right Option

When choosing your battles is not the right optionIt is true that we must choose our battles if we want to give ourselves a chance at having a successful relationship with someone. But it is also true that some battles are just not worth dealing with. Because all too often, it is one person who is doing all the work to make the relationship better, while the other person benefits from such efforts, and does very little in return.

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When Having An Argument With A Significant Other Turns Into Violence

When having an argument with a significant other turns into violence

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told me that she and her boyfriend got into a big argument over religion.

She went on to convey that she became so offended by her boyfriend mocking her religion, she ended up punching him in the face, and then she broke up with him.

I was stunned as I listened in horror to her story.

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Dating Advice: Let Them Crash And Burn

Let them crash and burn

There is no need to waste your energy trying to convince someone that you are the best choice for him or her.

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Award For Best Liar Goes To…

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My Own Type Of Beautiful

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How To Mend A Broken Heart

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The Truth Hurts

Crying woman

Men who have hurt her is not what makes her cry.

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True Love Isn’t For Sell

Young couple walking in the street

When you are dating someone new, don’t try to sell yourself to the person whom you are with. In hopes of getting that person to be more attracted to you. Just be yourself, in your most authentic skin because if you are meant to be with that person, then things will work out. Only time will tell.

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Has Lying Become A Relationship Standard?

Young Love

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Could You Be Addicted To Your Mate?

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