Great Things Can Come Out Of Bad Situations

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It has been a while since I last posted. During my hiatus, I have faced and overcome many challenges from changing jobs, finding a new place to live, and getting rid of toxic friends and relationships that were not benefiting my life.

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The Problem With Beauty

The Problem With Beauty

It’s unfortunate that so many women nowadays are jumping through hoops in order to get or keep a man by “beautifying” their outer appearance with things like, wearing heavy make-up, having fake hair and wearing color contact lenses. Not to mention, getting botox and butt injections.

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Why Women Shouldn’t Focus Too Much On The Perfect Engagement Ring

Why women shouldn't focus too much on the perfect engagement ring

Photo Credit: JD Hancock

The other day, I spoke to one of my male friends about why he hasn’t gotten married yet, when he has been with his girlfriend for quite some time. He shared with me the main reason for this. I found the conversation to be illuminating.                           

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Unhealthy Relationships: One Man’s Battle With Drama Addiction

Young African Couple Quarrelling

My friend of several years always seems to attach himself to relationships that are nothing but drama.

He is currently dating a woman who I will refer to as, “Trouble Maker.” She has a habit of pushing his buttons. She likes to see how far she can push his limits.

One day, my friend was driving Trouble Maker to the mall, where she decided that she wanted to distract him while he was driving to see what the outcome would be. So, Trouble Maker felt the need to give my friend a “wet willy” by spitting on one of her fingers, and then sticking that finger in his ear, while twisting it around. She performed this juvenile behavior, repeatedly, even after he told her to stop, and he kept moving her finger away from his ear while driving.

Luckily, a car accident didn’t follow from her behavior, where the two of them could have ended up seriously injured, along with her eight year old daughter who was in the backseat!

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What You Shouldn’t Do To Get A Man

Portrait of a good looking male model outdoors

A few years ago, I was coming from Manhattan, after attending a concert.

I made my way out of the subway station in Queens, and proceeded to the bus stop.

While waiting for my bus to arrive, an attractive man driving a BMW glanced my way. I smiled.

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Relationship Advice: Love Is More Than Just Words

Love advice-Show me how you feel

It doesn’t matter how many times someone proclaims his or her affection for another by uttering the words “I love you.” It is not real love if the person’s actions are not aligned with their message.

Too often, a lot of people fall for someone’s words, but are blind to the fact that a person’s actions give their words its meaning.

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Smart Relationship Advice: Don’t Listen To People Who Are Not In Healthy Situations Of Their Own

Smart Relationship Advice - Don’t listen to people who are not in healthy situations of their own

I have no problem with listening to one’s wisdom if I feel I can benefit from his or her experiences. However, it is difficult for me to take advice from those who do not take their own advice.

I have had conversations with people who told me to do one thing or another, while I was in a relationship with someone. And if I failed to take their advice, they would criticize my decisions.

These individuals were dealing with situations in their own relationships that were worse than mine! But they had no problem with letting me know that they were going to work through their issues with their partners. What a joke!

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The Truth About Relationships

The Truth About Relationships

When I was younger I used to believe that if I found the right man who could mend my broken pieces, then I would be made whole again.

I would no longer feel the rejection from ex-boyfriends who I had loved dearly, but helping to make the relationship work when we faced hard times, they chose to take the easy way out by leaving instead.

Their actions made it obvious that being completely present in the relationship, the way I had been, was just not something of value to them.

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Self-Love Is The Foundation Of Happiness

Self love is the foundation of happiness

I have struggled a long time with letting go of what makes me unhappy, particularly, in my romantic life.

In the past, I have subjected myself to a lot of bad relationships. Simply because I felt the person whom I was with at the time, had potential to be a better mate, for one reason or another.

News flash: Potential is overrated!

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Will Good Looks Give A Person A Better Chance At Not Being Cheated On?

Beautiful stylish young woman walking in city urban neighborhood

The way you look does not determine whether or not, your mate will cheat on you.

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