The Truth About Entrepreneurship

The truth about entrepreneurship-Open source2

Being an entrepreneur is a never ending process of finding ways to get ahead.

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Motivational Tuesday

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Success is found in what you do every day to become successful.

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Work Inspiration: Entrepreneurship Is A Way To Financial Freedom

Work Inspiration- Entrepreneurship is a way to financial freedom

It is rare nowadays to keep one job and retire from it because we live in a world of economic uncertainty.

You can have employment with a company for years, and then one day, you end up getting laid off, or the company goes out of business, and you are left with nothing to fall back on.

Too often, a lot of us become complacent with our career. We are comfortable with our salary, benefits and the perks of the job. And those things are sufficient for us.

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Work Inspiration On Your Dream Job

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Motivational Friday: The Choice Is Yours

A beautiful African American woman smiles and laughs. isolated o


Be comfortable but miserable.

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Motivational Wednesday: Show More Than You Tell

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The Truth About Success

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Are You Wasting Your Life Away?

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Speak With Beauty

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Slaves For Money

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