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Women Empowerment Poem: Impress Me

Dionysius Burton2- Impress me

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Life Quote On Relationships

life quote on relationshipsSometimes the best relationship you can be in, is the one you have with yourself.

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Haiku Poem On Domestic Violence: Alibi

Haiku Poem On Domestic Violence Alibi

Photo Credit: Shesarii

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Romantic Sad Poem: A Love From Brooklyn

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Inspirational Success Quote

Inspirational success quoteWe don’t become successful by avoiding obstacles. We become successful by overcoming them.

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Bittersweet Poem: Love Without Judgment

young couple face to face, studio shot

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The Problem With Beauty

The Problem With Beauty

It’s unfortunate that so many women nowadays are jumping through hoops in order to get or keep a man by “beautifying” their outer appearance with things like, wearing heavy make-up, having fake hair and wearing color contact lenses. Not to mention, getting botox and butt injections.

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Do You Know The Art Of Forgiving?

Do you know the art of forgiving

I used to have a hard time forgiving others who betrayed me because I felt that forgiving them was a sign of weakness on my part.

And I believed that if I forgave someone, then it was an opportunity to be hurt again, at some point, by him or her. So to protect myself, I would sever all ties with my wrong-doers.

But the problem in doing so is that, I would find myself obsessing over what had been done to me by them. Oftentimes, replaying such events in my mind would lead to me feeling resentment toward those individuals. I was miserable.

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The Best And Worst Part Of Me

The Best and Worst Part of Me

I am an over thinker.

This particular quality that I have is the result of being a long-time writer. It is a requirement of the profession to always find ways to introduce fresh and creative ideas to one’s writing. This way, a writer can engage his or her readers more effectively. So thinking a lot, in this aspect is a good thing.

Moreover, as a former student of higher education, this type of lifestyle also required me to spend copious amounts of time analyzing various class assignments. As a result, I was able to better understand the material I was given by my professors, which afforded me, a successful academic career.

However, being an over thinker can cause more harm than good to yourself if you don’t find balance in your thoughts.

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Erotic Poem: Addiction

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