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Will Good Looks Give A Person A Better Chance At Not Being Cheated On?

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The way you look does not determine whether or not, your mate will cheat on you.

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Great Ways I Have Learned To Maintain A Positive Attitude

Great ways I have learned to maintain a positive attitude

Whenever I face challenges that threaten to bring me down, I find solace in practicing Buddhism, reading quotes, listening to motivational speeches, and by surrounding myself with family and friends.

I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for six years. This Buddhism is based on the original teachings of the Buddha, which include: prayer and chanting.  By engaging in such activities on a regular basis, I feel a greater sense of clarity and happiness in my life, which helps to keep my mind in a good place.

Also, I like to read inspirational quotes in order to stay positive. I peruse my social media feeds looking for them. Reading such words make me feel as if I can get through any obstacle that might come my way.

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The Sweetest Love Poetry

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The Truth About Intimacy

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Work Inspiration On Your Dream Job

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Sensual Poem: In The Dark

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Life Is A Beautiful Struggle

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There is beauty in our struggles.

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Motivational Friday: The Choice Is Yours

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Be comfortable but miserable.

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Motivational Wednesday: Show More Than You Tell

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Inspirational Quote On Friendship and Success

Group Of Young Friends Having Fun TogetherThe level of your vision to succeed depends on the quality of the people around you.

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