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A Touch Of Erotic Poetry

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Jerk – Woman On Top (Part 11)



(first and only date)

He said: “You barely drink. You don’t eat red. You don’t smoke. Tell me something else about yourself, so I won’t think you’re completely boring…”

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Don’t Feel Guilty For Being Happy

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Pain Is Wisdom

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Fortune Teller – Woman On Top (part 10)


Fortune Teller

(conversation with a boyfriend at the time, over dinner).

He said: “…I don’t want to be with you anymore. Someone else has caught my attention…”

(void of emotion, I remained silent, for quite some time, after he was done speaking. Eventually, he asked, are you okay?)

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Starting Over

Portrait of smiling African American couple standing looking at

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Food For Thought

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Standards – Woman On Top (part 9)



(first and only date)

He said: “…I’m sure that you’re still single ‘cause you set your standards too high.”

(that statement was said to me in the first few minutes of our date, without this guy having an in-depth conversation with me, before passing judgment).

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Greatest Form Of Sex

Couples In Kitchen With Newspaper And Coffee Smiling

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What Matters Most…

What matters most

What matters most is how you live today, and not, how you plan to live in the future.

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