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A Fantasy State Of Mind – Woman On Top (part 7)


Fantasy state of mind

(this conversation with a boyfriend, ultimately caused the demise of our relationship).


He said: “…Only discuss with me, important topics like babies or marriage. Otherwise, don’t talk about any of my behavior that might bother you. Just brush it off your shoulder. I don’t want to be stressed…”

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Don’t Start Over

Don't Start Over

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Smile Through The Pain

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Black Beauty – Woman On Top (part 6)


Black Beauty

(conversation with a guy whom I was crushing on, until I discovered he was a womanizer as I discussion progressed more and more).


He said: “…More black men should praise the black woman’s beauty because if black men don’t, who will?…”

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The Relationship You Have With Yourself

I'd Rather Be Alone

I have learned that a person who truly wants to be with you will listen to your concerns, whether he or she agrees with them or not.

Also I have learned that if a person really cares about you, he or she will make adjustments, in order to accommodate your needs.

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Let’s Talk About Compromising – Woman On Top (part 5)


Let's talk about compromising

(face- to- face conversation with a guy, I quickly lost interest in, after this discussion).

He said:  “…I don’t compromise in a relationship. I would be sacrificing my power and my independence if I did…”

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Love Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Love doesnt have to be perfect

Love doesn’t have to be perfect to be worthwhile. It just has to be honest.

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Touched By Your Love

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Female Unity

Female Unity

Women who support each other’s dreams, is the ultimate form of female unity.

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Please Me, If You Can – Woman On Top (part 4)


Please me, if you can

(face-to-face conversation with an egotistical boyfriend, at the time, who displayed passive-aggressive behavior toward me after this discussion, which ultimately caused our relationship to end. He could deliver insults at lightning speed, but he did not take them well in return).

He said: “…I should not have to ask for sex.  It should just be given to me…”

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