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Black Men Who Suffer From The “B.M.B. Syndrome”

BMB Syndrome

I have dated black men, where my overall experience of dating them has not been positive.

The reason for this has been because the black men whom I have dated seemed to be suffering from a syndrome, I like to refer to as, “B.M.B.” or “Black Man Bullshit.”

How do you diagnose the B.M.B.” syndrome? You might ask… well, a few of the signs are as follows:

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Let’s Build A Real Connection

Build a connection

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Action Makes Dreams Come True

Dreams are created

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What It Really Means To Be Married

What it really means to be married“You know what getting married is? It’s agreeing to taking this person who right now is at the top of his form, full of hopes and ideas, feeling good, looking good, wildly interested in you because you’re the same way, and sticking by him while he slowly disintegrates. And he does the same for you. You’re his responsibility now and he’s yours. If no one else will take care of him, you will. If everyone else rejects you, he won’t. What do you think love is? Going to bed all the time?”-Jane Smiley

While reading, ‘A word a day’ that is emailed to me by, I came across the above quotation, in a section of that email, referred to as, ‘thought of the day.’ I reread the words of Jane Smiley over and over. I was not familiar with this particular writer at the time. But her words were so profound to me. I had never looked at marriage the way Jane Smiley did.

I am not married, but I do hope to be one day.

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Sex Affair

Sex over love

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Now With…

man and woman lying next to each other

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Lost In Kisses

Lost In Kisses

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The Pleasure In Pain

The pleasure in pain

Every time they think they are done for good, after one of their arguments has peeled away another layer of their vulnerability.

They somehow, always seem to find their way back to each other, regardless of harsh words, lost in the moment of reckless conversation.

Could it be his passion for her and her passion for him is the master who keeps them enslaved to one another?

A passion, so strong, that it won’t free them from the endless ways of pleasure, her naked flesh upon him. And his naked flesh upon her, together, writes the pages to an erotic novel. Where each chapter takes form, as their skin composes fantasies, each moment they touch.

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Comfortable Silence

Comfortable silence

We never feel the need to fill the space of silence, once words are no longer exchanged between us.

Because the silence we share doesn’t mean we have run out of things to say.

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