Sensual Poem: Erotic Kiss

Your kiss is like an erotic poem that arouses the most intimate parts of my body

Inspiration: Dream Quote

Hold onto your dreams. Let go of the doubts.

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My Style: White Paradise

Today is my one year wedding anniversary! So I thought I would share a few photos on my special day. Enjoy!

Roper Wedding (128 of 205)

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The Need For Writing Inspiration

Photo Credit: Karin Dalziel

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My Style: The Luxury Of Comfort

My Style-The luxury of comfort

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Inspirational Quote: How To Find True Happiness

Inspirational Quote-How To Find True Happiness

Happiness is found in the decisions that you make for yourself. And not in the decisions, you allow others to make for you.

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My Style: Bold And Gold

Rachel Zoe Ring

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Inspiration: Love Yourself

Love YourselfWhen you learn to embrace your flaws, is how you learn to love yourself, perfectly.

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Inspirational Quote: Worry Less

Worry Less

Many of the things that we worry about never happen. So learn to train your mind for good outcomes. It is a way to decrease anxiety.

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Inspiration: Life And Happiness Quote

Purpose and happiness

Live a life of purpose, and create happiness through faith.

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